Sunday, September 24, 2017

In Praise of Mira

In the last few days, there was a sigh of relief at Phantastic Geek: the host of the Star Trek: Discovery after show, entitled After Trek, was announced to be Matt Mira. Formerly of both Nerdist and writing for @midnight, and current writer for ABC's The Goldbergs, Mira may seem to be a Hollywood inside man. He is the perfect choice, however, to represent the fan discussion after each of the the latest Discovery episodes has ended.

While we at Phantastic Geek make podcasts (lots of podcasts), we also listen to them. Matt Mira is oftentimes at the top of the listening list. His James Bonding podcast is de rigueur for a look back at 007, his Matt and Doree's Eggcellent Adventure is an honest look at his and his wife's journey with in vitro fertilization, and his Star Trek: The Next Conversation is a loving return voyage to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Indeed, game recognizes game, as the cool kids say: there are plenty of weeks when we have worked our full daytime jobs, dealt with our individual home lives, and still recorded hours of Phantastic Geek podcasts... yet Mira has recorded even more hours for his audio flagships.

Of Mira's entire resume, it is worth noting that the vast majority of his very successful podcasting has been, as Captain Sisko might put it, for the love of the sport. James Bonding, five years old, has only in the last few months debuted with advertising, and The Next Conversation is, like Phantastic Geek, financially supported by fans. For the most part, why does Mira sit down weekly at a microphone (with co-hosts like Matt Gourley (James Bonding), his wife Dorree Shafrir (Eggcellent Adventure) and the beloved Andrew Secunda (The Next Conversation))? He does so for the love of the content, the joy of diving into the topic, the unabashed love for his geeky passions -- and the desire to share that passion.

Heading into the (Mutara) Nebula-ous formation of the Discovery after show, we were concerned that another Star Trek podcaster would get the gig -- a gentleman who shall remain unnamed here, but one who seems quite connected to the Trek convention circuit -- yet one who repeatedly had guest resume and names wrong at a Trek convention last year; one who, errors aside, quarterbacked some of the worst panels we've ever seen.

But no: the fans, and the current chief petty officer of the fans, in Matt Mira, were all justly rewarded. Mira is an excellent choice because he bring his passion first and will bring his loyal listeners with him. Indeed, we've gone from lukewarm on watching the aftershow to excited to watch it... once our own weekly podcast on Star Trek: Discovery is uploaded, of course!

The bottom line is that this time, the good guy won. Bravo, Matt Mira!

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