Sunday, April 17, 2016

Daredevil: 210 "The Man in the Box"

Murdock and Foggy are caught in the crossfire as the Punisher seeks revenge (or does he?). Meanwhile, Karen keeps digging while the Kingpin only continues to grow his power. Scaling the wall to explain it all is Pete and Matt, covering Daredevil episode 210, "The Man in the Box."

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  1. I'm rewatching DD1 & DD2 and relistening to your commentary along the way. Both are that Phantastic. In “The Man in the Box” episode some time was spent discussing the meaning of the scene where Matt talked to Fisk in prison. I think it’s a very important and necessary scene for several reasons. The most immediate is to remind us that Wilson Fisk is very violent and he goes berserk when he loses his temper. The show doesn't want us to forget that Fisk is a very dangerous and evil man.

    One result of that encounter Fisk is looking deeper into Murdock and his past. Perhaps will he find a connection between the accident that blinded Matt, the one that give JJ her powers and whoever did whatever to Luke Cage? Which then would give him reason to suspect that Matt may have some superhuman abilities. Then Fisks' jump of suspecting that his archenemies Murdock and Daredevil are the same person would be bit easier to make and us to accept.

    The main reason I think that scene is important is that it adds more evidence for my personal theory that Fisk will side with the heroes in the The Defenders. The Big Bad will either be Madame Gao or the Hand in that show. My theory is based on the assumption that The Defenders will take place almost entirely in New York City. Fisk’s greatest love isn’t Vanessa; it is New York City. The entire reason he became the Kingpin was to make it the greatest city in the world. Everything he did in season one of DD was to achieve that goal no matter how twisted or evil it was. Matt trapped Fisk of thinking he may have to choose between NYC and Vanessa. It’s at that point he became unhinged and attacked the blind man. Therefore, if my theory is correct then Matt confronting Fisk in the jail was the writers setting up the coming alliance between Fisk and The Defenders in that upcoming show. Realizing that his beloved City is going to suffer, Fisk reaches out to Daredevil to prevent it. Or maybe it will be the other way around because Matt loves the City every bit as much as Fisk does.