Thursday, December 31, 2015

Jessica Jones: 113 "AKA Smile"

Someone else in the neighborhood helps Jessica and Luke; Kilgrave prepares for a major test of his powers against Jessica. It's all come down to this, and Pete and Matt break down the season one finale!



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  1. RE David Tennant; he said he was offered the part shortly before they began shooting; there was no audition. From HuffPo: "I just got a phone call out of the blue. The night before New Year's Eve last year - which is not really the time of year you expect to get a new job. Totally out of the blue. 'Would you like to be a Marvel villain?'... well, yeah, probably. So it just went from there."

    From Collider:
    "He came up right away, but he wasn’t available. And then, he became available and we were still looking, so we grabbed him as fast as we could," said Rosenberg.

    "You make a wishlist of people that you hope are going to be able to do it, and David was right at the top," added Loeb. "Things sometimes change, and when they do, one of the things that Marvel is very good at is being nimble. If we can move something around, that’s what we’ll do. This happened to work out that way."